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CON 290: Contract Administration and Negotiation Techniques in a Supply Environment

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This is a case-based course where students apply Contracting concepts and techniques learned in prerequisite courses to meet customer supply requirements and resolve complex Contracting issues. Special emphasis is placed on applying legal concepts from CON 216, intermediate pricing concepts from CON 170 and 270, and negotiation techniques from HBS 428. Students experience the full spectrum of Contracting processes and issues by following a supply requirement through all phases of the acquisition life cycle, from acquisition planning through contract close-out. Research, analysis, and communication skills are honed through development and presentation of a critical thinking project requiring in-depth focus on one [...]


ACQ 315: Understanding Industry

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This course covers an array of business insights including industry orientation, organization, cost and financial planning, business strategy/development, supplier management, incentives, and negotiating strategies. The skills to be acquired in this course include: aligning company strategies, finances, and operations that motivate company decisions to meet their business goals, gain fair and reasonable profits, while providing best taxpayer value to the government on defense products. Email educationtraining@staffordservices.net to register.


CON 360: Contracting for Decision Makers

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This course is designed for contracting professionals who work or are expecting to work, in positions requiring DAWIA Level III certification in contracting. Through realistic scenario-based and research-based learning, students will work individually and collaboratively to practice developing sound business solutions as valued strategic and expert business advisors. Student coursework is designed to contribute real solutions to real acquisition problems to senior leadership and local supervisors.   Email educationtraining@staffordservices.net to register.

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