Information Technology (IT) Acquisitions

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The course starts with the FITARA roadmap to guide the deployment of sustainable IT reform, providing CIOs with specific budgetary and acquisition authority for enterprise IT infrastructure projects. The students will learn to apply the principles, practices, and processes of agile acquisition framed by FAR 15.201. As part of FITARA implementations, success starts with portfolio reviews of the current projects and paths forward to deliver needed business and public facing Capabilities, consistent with the department’s Mission and Vision. Applying Capabilities Based Planning, the students will learn the Principles, Practices, and Processes needed to increase the probability of success of IHS projects. During this course, case studies and hands‒on exercises will be used to involve the students with their own projects and experiences. Students will be guided by our instructor’s experience applying Agile Acquisition practices in the Federal Domain, focused on procurement of COTS and Cloud Based products and services.

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