Project Description


This course is designed for Program Management Professionals seeking a stronger understanding in the principles of Federal Acquisitions. This course differentiates between private & public sector contracting, discussing the mission, purpose, vision, and goals of Federal contracting, discusses the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and acquisition life cycle, and reviews the roles and responsibilities of the acquisition team.

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate understanding of key acquisition concepts, life cycle, and roles and responsibilities
    • Demonstrate a general understanding of the acquisition life cycle
    • Describe the key features of pre-award actions and policy required by the FAR
    • Identify the best contract strategies to support programs or projects
  • Implement leadership and management processes associated with acquisition planning
    • Understand the three phases of the acquisition life cycle, from planning to contract formulation to performance
    • Discover preferred approaches from leaders and why
  • Develop and implement source selection criteria that consider associated risk
    • Developing technical factors that are important for overall performance
    • Explore price related factors when considering cost of ownership.
  • Conduct contract administration functions in collaboration with the program Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR)
    • Identify the COR responsibilities in the source selection evaluation
    • List the COR responsibilities related to site surveys and pre-award surveys
    • Identify appropriate evaluation factors/criteria
    • List the considerations in determining incentive/award plans
    • Recognize how contract types impacts COR responsibilities
    • Identify the various methods of contracting for a supply or service
  • Interpret the differences in business processes between industry and the federal government as they relate to contracting
  • Distinguish between personal and non-personal services, acting accordingly when working with contractor personnel.
  • Identify the communications necessary among all interested parties to the contract as frequently as needed to ensure the services provided meet the established standards
  • Correlate the relationship between the acquisition strategy and the acquisition plan
    • Identify responsibilities of the professionals involved
    • Identify contracting’s role and the program manager’s role
  • Illustrate the basis for building and maintaining effective contract incentive relationships
    • Examine contract types and what is appropriate for different acquisitions
    • Discuss when and why schedule compliance must be brought to the attention of the CO
  • Differentiate the key features of pre-award actions, contracting methods, and policy required by the FAR
  • Conduct market research, including considerations for using non-developmental and commercial items, and incorporating socioeconomic considerations
  • Account for the factors that determine how commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products may affect a program during acquisition planning
  • Formulate the key features of a comprehensive program/project specification and SOW
  • Clarify source selection criteria including risk analysis methods, FAR Part 15
  • Apply and track contract administration actions in collaboration with the program COR
  • Administer a negotiated baseline of performance with operational users, and the corresponding commercial and/or organic support providers

Course Details

  • Course Length –3 days
  • Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) – 24
  • Graded Materials Include:  Attendance of all Instructional Hours, Participation, Course Exercises, and Assessments
  • Does SCC offer this course virtually? Yes, via WebEx, Adobe Connect, Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, or Zoom for Government.

*It is recommended that FAC-P/PM courses are taken in order.


Course ID

FPM 232

Course Length

3 Days



Delivery Method

Course is available In-Person and Virtually

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