Project Description

FFM 403: Federal Appropriations Law

The course is an overview that acquaints participants with the purposes and principles of federal fiscal law. The learner is given an analytical framework for approaching appropriations issues. Topics addressed include the availability of appropriations as to purpose, amount and time, the necessary expense rule, the Anti-deficiency Act, augmentation, the bona fide needs rule, and multiyear contracting.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the basic constitutional and legislative controls and processes regarding federal funds
  • Identify basic fiscal law terminology
  • Identify fundamental rules of statutory construction.
  • Describe the concept of “obligation” in appropriations law
  • Recognize the application of appropriations law in federal interagency transactions

Course Details

  • Course Length –3 days
  • Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) – 24
  • Graded Materials Include: Attendance of all Instructional Hours, Participation, and Course Exercises
  • Pre-course work Required: None