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ACQ 265: Mission-Focused Services Acquisition

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This course provides acquisition team members with the tools and techniques needed to analyze and apply performance-based principles when developing requirements documents and effective business strategies for contractor-provided services. This course uses the following methods: The seven-step Service Acquisition process, a team-oriented approach, and multiple interactive, hands-on, learning sessions to apply the principles. Individuals that need to improve their skills in developing and defining service requirements, supporting business strategies, and effectively managing the resulting contractor performance will benefit from this course. Experienced acquisition professionals can also use this course as an opportunity to improve their understanding of the Service Acquisition Process. [...]


CON 2430v Architect and Engineer Contracting

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CON 2430V is a position specific specialty course in the new Back-to-Basics Contracting Professional Certification program, and is one of several Contracting Level III elective courses. Construction contracting is a complex business.  This course specifically explores Architect-Engineer Contracting per FAR Part 36.6. As an advanced contracting course, participants will be expected to perform research outside of the FAR/DFARS and may include specific applications of agency supplements, environmental law, fiscal law, zoning regulation and public safety.  This course covers issues across the contracting spectrum, including acquisition planning, source selection, proposal analysis, contract award and work, and contract management. Contracting professionals will gain [...]


CON 1400v Contract Post-Award (8-Day version)

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This Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) course includes the basic knowledge and skills required for a new contracting professional to demonstrate initial readiness for a contracting career and in post award contract administration. This is only offered to DoD employees, please refer to for more information. There is a maximum of 20 seats available for this course.    To Schedule for this training, contact


Construction Claims

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This course is designed for procurement professionals involved in construction contracting.  Through interactive lecture, discussion and exercises, this course highlights the unique aspects of contract administration and the handling of claims particular to construction contracts.  Students will become familiar with  specific policies, procedures, and regulations governing construction contract administration, and learn how to properly process claims, disputes, equitable adjustments, and terminations associated with this industry.   Email to register.


FPM 131: Fundamentals of Project and Program Management

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This course explores the fundamentals of project and program management in the Federal domain, how to initiate, plan, implement, monitor and report, and close out federal government projects.  FPM‒131 is based on four competencies: (1) Requirements Development and Management Processes, (2) Systems Engineering, (3) Life Cycle Logistics, and (4) Test and Evaluation competencies and performance outcomes, as defined by the FAC-P/PM policy and competency model. During the course each competency will be presented, and students will apply the knowledge in Case Study to gain hands on experience with the principles and practices of successfully managing a project.   The course also [...]


CON 216: Legal Considerations in Contracting

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Students are introduced to the basic principles and sources of law relevant to procurement, including fiscal law. The course also addresses various other legal issues that may develop throughout the course of a contract, such as protests, assignment of claims, disputes, fraud, contractor debt, performance issues, and contract termination.   If you would like to register for this course please email


FPM 231: Applications in Project and Program Management

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The intent of this course is to provide further instruction on the principles of requirements development and systems management.  The lessons presented are intended to help students gain a more thorough understanding of requirements development and management processes, systems engineering, test and evaluation, and lifecycle logistics performance outcomes necessary for intermediate level Program & Project Managers.  Email to register.


FCR 110: Contracting Officer’s Representative Level I

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This course is specifically designed to provide contracting professionals with the basic knowledge required to perform the tasks required of a FAC-COR Level 1 Certification. The Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) is essential to the efficient and effective management of acquisitions and acts as the eyes and ears of the Contracting Officer. Students will learn the basic knowledge and skills needed to perform your duties as a Level I COR, such as proper communication, documentation, contract monitoring, payments, and ethics. You will attain a better understanding of the overall acquisition process. Email to register.


CON 121: Contract Planning

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New contracting personnel will be introduced to their role as a business advisor in the acquisition process. This course focuses on the students’ role in understanding their customers’ mission and their ability to plan successful mission support strategies based upon their knowledge of the contracting environment and customer needs. Students will learn how to use the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS), conduct effective market research, develop alternative acquisition strategies, and understand how socioeconomic programs support the acquisition planning process.   *Note: Completing CON 121, 124 and 127 in sequential order is highly recommended.   If [...]


Project Team Building

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This course is designed to provide team leaders and members of varying levels tools, techniques and strategies to enhance team development.  Participants will learn to understand individual motivators, detractors, recognize the importance of teamwork, and develop skills related to collaboration.  The course will provide an overview of the 5 Phases of Team Development, how each phase impacts team collaboration, and how to best allocate resources in accordance with working styles.  This course will also cover the impact Authority, Responsibility and Accountability has on Team performance.   If you would like to register please email

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