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FCR 110: Contracting Officer’s Representative Level I

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This course is specifically designed to provide contracting professionals with the basic knowledge required to perform the tasks required of a FAC-COR Level 1 Certification. The Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) is essential to the efficient and effective management of acquisitions and acts as the eyes and ears of the Contracting Officer. Students will learn the basic knowledge and skills needed to perform your duties as a Level I COR, such as proper communication, documentation, contract monitoring, payments, and ethics. You will attain a better understanding of the overall acquisition process. Email educationandtraining@staffordservices.net to register.


FCR 201: Contracting Officer’s Representative Level II

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This course is specifically designed for the COR that has attained FAC-COR Level I certification and desires to increase their mastery of the FAC-COR competencies. Students will gain the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to perform the duties of a Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) at a greater level of competency. They will gain an understanding of standards of conduct and ethics, development of requirements documents, contract documentation, inspection procedures, changes, terminations, and disputes. Students will navigate more complex acquisition situations than typically encountered at the FAC-COR Level 1 ranging from acquisition planning to issues with contractor performance. This course will aid [...]


FPM 234: Applied Leadership in Projects and Programs

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Project leaders introduce change and innovation, manage and build high performing teams and lead through internal and external political challenges.  Moreover, they influence and determine strategies and are decision makers within the project team.  Their role ultimately determines the type of culture that the team will aspire to. This course allows professionals to discover and apply the leadership skills that are necessary for program and project managers to fulfill the mission and vision of their program and agency.   The course covers a broad range of organizational leadership skills that are focused on the challenges that government employees face.  It focuses on [...]


CON 1100v Foundational Skills (8 Day version)

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This course is the first in the Defense Acquisition University’s new four-part course series of the Contracting Certification Program and focuses on the foundational skills necessary to acclimate to the acquisition profession.  This course is specifically designed for acquisition professionals and covers the contracting lifecycle and associated contracting principles, understanding regulations including the Federal Acquisition Regulation and Agency-specific FAR supplements, the construction of solicitations and contracts, and fundamental guiding principles of the acquisition profession.   This course is conducted as a hybrid of live and self-paced instruction with exercises, case studies, lecture, and discussion facilitated by our Virtual instruction platform and  Learning [...]


CON 091: Contract Fundamentals

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This course focuses on the fundamentals of contract formation and management principles, as well as regulatory fundamentals and their application within the Federal government. It also provides practical applications that can be applied immediately in the workplace across the Federal acquisition community. The first week focuses on the development of critical skills necessary to locate, interpret, and apply regulatory guidance in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR); Agency-level FAR supplements; and Class Deviations. Subsequent weeks focus on the fundamentals of contract formation and management principles, to include the practical application of the FAR and associated regulations and documentation to real-world scenarios. Email educationtraining@staffordservices.net to [...]


CON 280: Source Selection and the Administration of Service Contracts

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Source Selection and the Administration of Service Contracts is a designed for contracting professionals who work or are expecting to work, in positions requiring contracting officer warrants and who will be DAWIA Level II certification in contracting. Through a realistic scenario-based case study that continues throughout this intense course, students are provided the opportunity to work in teams to experience first-hand the seven steps of the services acquisition process and learn the fundamentals of a performance-based services acquisition. This course takes students from strategy development to requirements definition to solicitation development to source selection and then performance management of services acquisitions. [...]


CON 360: Contracting for Decision Makers

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This course is designed for contracting professionals who work or are expecting to work, in positions requiring FAC-C Level III certification in contracting. Through realistic scenario-based and research-based learning, students will work individually and collaboratively to practice developing sound business solutions as valued strategic and expert business advisors. Student coursework is designed to contribute real solutions to real acquisition problems to senior leadership and local supervisors.   Email educationtraining@staffordservices.net to register.


CON 1200v: Contract Pre-Award (8-Day version)

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This combination of virtual instructor-led training (VILT) and asynchronous (self-paced) course focuses on understanding the common, foundational pre-award contracting competency model job tasks and principles. The course describes the overarching business relationship between government and industry. Students develop skills and initial acumen in: defining, describing and shaping customer requirements, developing a contract strategy and acquisition plan, and executing the solicitation development and release process to successfully meet customer needs. The course introduces fundamental knowledge and practical application that can be applied immediately in the workplace across the broad spectrum of Department of Defense (DoD) contracting organizations. This is only offered to [...]


CON 170: Fundamentals of Cost and Price Analysis

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The Fundamentals of Cost and Prince Analysis course reviews market research and contractor pricing strategies and explains calculating an objective using simple quantitative analysis. An overview of the regulations and processes for cost analysis and requiring certified cost and pricing data is provided. Contract financing techniques are discussed. After, learning the basic elements of price and cost analysis, students will build and defend a pre-negotiation objective. Application of cost analysis techniques will be demonstrated during a week two proposal analysis capstone case, including writing a Price Negotiation Memorandum.   Email educationtraining@staffordservices.net to register.


CON 2440v Construction Contracting

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This virtual instructor led training (VILT) course focuses on unique construction contracting issues, such as acquisition planning, contract performance management, funding, environmental concerns, construction contract language, construction contracting in a commercial setting, the Construction Wage Rate Requirements Statute, design/build, basic schedule delay analysis, constructive changes, acceleration, and construction contract quality management.   To Schedule for this training, contact educationtraining@staffordservices.net. 

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