Project Description


Leaders must be able to look from the balcony and build perception and insight into the road ahead that can impact the viability of programmatic success. The course is designed for project leaders to culminate their understanding and evaluate the tools and methods for them to be successful in the federal environment. Project leaders not only have to lead the long-term vision, but they must inspire others to follow them. They will be faced with external pressures and must forge mutually beneficial relationships to meet their program mission and vision, namely leaders are not successful on their own. Ultimately adopting and leading people into their vision where diversity and inclusion are valued will ensure their legacy on the program.

The course covers a broad range of organizational leadership skills that are focused on their ability to evaluate and reflect on their own leadership capabilities. It focuses on the importance of communication, followership, decisions, long term vision, buy-in and building a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Learning Objectives

  • To understand strategic thinking and planning
  • Evaluate and focus on leadership challenges and how to effectively develop long term strategies and solutions
  • Encourage development of effective communication within the team
  • Understand the model of followership as a method to obtain buy-in and sharing the commitment and vision to the program
  • Evaluate the importance of developing partnerships with Federal Acquisition Personnel and stakeholders
  • Evaluate the importance of effective decision-making tools and techniques
  • Discover the importance of diversity and inclusion
  • Understand how accountability and responsibility apply to the role of the PM
  • Understand the importance of staying abreast of local, national, and international policies and trends

Course Details

  • Course Length –2 days
  • Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) – 16
  • Graded Materials Include:  Attendance of all Instructional Hours, Participation, Course Exercises, and Assessments
  • Does SCC offer this course virtually? Yes, via WebEx, Adobe Connect, Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, or Zoom for Government.

*It is recommended that FAC-P/PM courses are taken in order.


Course ID

FPM 334

Course Length

2 Days



Delivery Method

Course is available In-Person and Virtually

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