Project Description


There are many activities in the Federal government that function like businesses, including reimbursables and revolving funds. Federal financial personnel must understand the differences between business operations and activities funded by appropriations, as well as the budget and execution process. Through challenging analytical exercises, you will gain an understanding of how to charter and execute a revolving fund, how to navigate the different budgeting phases, and how to analyze financial data of a revolving fund or reimbursable.

Learning Objectives

  • Compare funding mechanisms used in the Federal Government
  • Identify the organizational and planning functions for budgeting to establish revolving funds and reimbursable activities
  • Create a budget for the approval and execution of established revolving funds and reimbursements
  • Identify financial operations in the fund and the importance and benefits of analyzing financial data
  • Analyze financial data from execution and performance to effectively manage business operations

Course Details

  • Course Length 3 Days
  • Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) 24
  • Graded Materials Include: Case Studies, Practical Exercises, In-Class Assignments, Group Discussion and Attendance of all Instructional Hours
  • SCC offers this course virtually through the following: Adobe Connect, Microsoft Teams, Zoom for Government, WebEx, and Google Meets.


Course ID

Fin Mngmt of Bus Ops in Govt

Course Length

3 Days



Delivery Method

Course is available In-Person and Virtually

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