Project Description


The primary focus is to strengthen the skills of our contracting staff in writing a strong price analysis. Students may use various cost and price analysis techniques and quantitative tools to analyze a contractor’s proposal and to develop a government negotiation range and objective. The focus of this class does not need to focus on a single FAR part, as these skills are required no matter if a CO is using FAR 15, 16 or 8. This course will be for continuous learning purposes, and therefore it is requested there is no end of course exam.

Learning Objectives

  • Apply price-related factors.
  • Determine if pricing is fair and reasonable.
  • Integrate contract planning process and conduct market research for price analysis.
  • Recognize and apply contract cost principles.
  • Discuss and apply contract pricing strategies for optimal outcomes for the interests of the government.
  • Understand impacts of direct and indirect labor and material costs.

Course Details

  • Course Length 2 Days
  • Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) 16
  • Graded Materials Include: Case Studies, Practical Exercises, In-Class Assignments, Group Discussion and Attendance of all Instructional Hours
  • SCC offers this course virtually through the following: Adobe Connect, Microsoft Teams, Zoom for Government, and Google Meets.


Course ID

Cost an Price Analysis

Course Length

2 Days



Delivery Method

Course is available In-Person and Virtually

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