Project Description


Source Selection and the Administration of Service Contracts is a designed for contracting professionals who work or are expecting to work, in positions requiring contracting officer warrants and who will be DAWIA Level II certification in contracting. Through a realistic scenario-based case study that continues throughout this intense course, students are provided the opportunity to work in teams to experience first-hand the seven steps of the services acquisition process and learn the fundamentals of a performance-based services acquisition. This course takes students from strategy development to requirements definition to solicitation development to source selection and then performance management of services acquisitions. Students will prepare and review acquisition documents, develop and deliver source selection briefings, and negotiate contractual issues.

Learning Objectives

  • Given a complex services requirement, identify the appropriate source selection team roles and responsibilities, to include government and non-government advisors.
  • Using the results of market research, assess the industry’s environment and determine availability of sources
  • Given a complex services requirement, determine appropriates methods of communication employed by the acquisition team
  • Given a complex services requirement and market research results, decide the appropriate acquisition strategy that maximizes small business participation at the prime and subcontracting levels
  • Using the results of an analysis of a given requirement, determine an appropriate performance-based approach that meets the customer’s mission requirement
  • Given a complex services requirement and using the results of an in-depth market research report, construct relevant elements of an acquisition plan IAW FAR and DFARS
  • Given a complex services requirements package, examine appropriate sections of a solicitation in accordance with application laws, regulations, policies, acquisition plan and source selection plan
  • Given a complex services requirement, construct a source selection plan that meets all public law, regulations, policy, and other guidelines
  • Given a contract requirement, accurately assess the financial implications of various types of contract and incentive arrangements
  • Given a complex services requirement, evaluate incentive arrangements, for adherence to regulation, policy and guidance
  • Given a complex services acquisition situation, appropriately apply the necessary Government funding provisions
  • In a competitive negotiated contracting environment, determine the competitive range based on FAR and other guidance
  • Given a complex services acquisition situation evaluate several contractor proposals to determine contract award
  • After establishment of a competitive range, prepare for negotiations/discussions in accordance with FAR and DFARS
  • Using the standards for contractor responsibility in FAR Part 9.1, discuss the contractor responsibility process prior to contract award
  • In a competitive contracting environment and using the DoD source selection procedures, recommend the best value proposal to meet mission requirement
  • Based on the results of the SSEB & SSAC evaluation reports and the SSDD, determine what information to include in debriefings and differentiate between protest processes
  • After contract award, determine the appropriate forum to address customer and contractor’s responsibilities for successful performance of the contract
  • After contract award, develop contract administration requirements in accordance with FAR and DFARS
  • After contract award, perform contract administrative functions in accordance with FAR and DFARS
  • Determine the need for contract modifications in accordance with contract terms and conditions and FAR and DFARS
  • After contract performance is complete, determine contract close-out procedures as they relate to services and the case study
  • Given a complex services acquisition, appropriately examine the provisions of the allowable cost and payments provision
  • Given a complex services acquisition, appropriately evaluate the provisions of the incentive fee provisions

Course Details

  • Graded Materials Include: Pre-Class Assignments, Attendance, Course Exercises/Projects, and Course Exams/Quizzes
  • Pre-course work Required: Yes, approximately 18 hours.


Course ID

CON 280

Course Length

10 Days



Delivery Method

Course is available In-Person and Virtually

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