Project Description


This virtual instructor led training (VILT) course focuses on unique construction contracting issues, such as acquisition planning, contract performance management, funding, environmental concerns, construction contract language, construction contracting in a commercial setting, the Construction Wage Rate Requirements Statute, design/build, basic schedule delay analysis, constructive changes, acceleration, and construction contract quality management.

Target Audience

Acquisition workforce members in the Contracting career field or assigned specific contract administration duties for construction contracts, e.g., professional engineers, quality assurance personnel, and legal counsel personnel. Whenever practical, professionals should attend this course prior to assuming duties related to construction contracting.

Learning Objectives

  • Given a construction requirement to build a new facility, renovate an existing one, or maintain existing facilities, apply the Federal acquisition laws, regulations, Department of Defense supplementation, policies, procedures, and best business practices in soliciting and administering construction contracts.
  • Given a contract requirement, contrast a regular support requirement with a construction requirement and how to devise a Construction Acquisition Plan in accordance with FAR Part 7, DFARS 207 and agency policies and procedures.
  • After receipt of a construction contracting request, develop a construction solicitation package in accordance with FAR, DFARS, and agency policy/procedures.
  • After receiving bids or proposals in response to a construction solicitation, evaluate the bids/proposals for award of the construction contract.
  • Given a construction contract, diagnose and determine the applicable construction contract administration (compliance) approach, using FAR, DFARS, DOD regulation/guidelines, and best business practices.
  • Given a changed condition on a construction contract, select the appropriate clause(s) and formulate the remedy for the situation in accordance with Federal and DoD acquisition laws, regulations, and best business practices.
  • Given a construction contractor’s invoice, document appropriate actions necessary to verify for construction progress payment and, at contract conclusion, describe appropriate actions necessary for construction contract closeout.

Course Details

  • Course Length: 5 Days
  • Graded Materials Include: Pre-Class Assignments, Attendance, Course Exercises/Projects, and Course Exams/Quizzes
  • Pre-course work Required: Yes
  • SCC offers this course virtually through the following: Adobe Connect, Microsoft Teams, Zoom for Government, and Google Meets
Course ID
CON 2440v
Course Length
5 Days
DoD (38) | FED (40)
Delivery Method
Hybrid : Virtual instructor-led lectures and self-paced instruction and exercises

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