Project Description


New contracting professionals will develop professional skills for making business decisions and for counseling acquisition team members in successfully meeting customers’ needs. Students will learn about the various Department of Defense (DoD) mission areas and the types of business arrangements and procurement alternatives commonly used to support each area. Information systems, knowledge management, as well as recent DoD acquisition initiatives will also be introduced in this course. Interactive exercises will prepare students for contracting support within the DoD. In addition, this course addresses the overarching business relationships of government and industry, and the role of politics and customer relationships.

Learning Objectives

  • Given acquisition scenarios, identify both the past and present acquisition environment to be able to understand the evolution of contracting so that smart business decisions can be made by an informed workforce.
  • Given acquisition situations, identify the various mission areas of the military departments and defense agencies, and the contracting support that these mission areas require, so that you will be able to support the development of business strategies.
  • Given various situations, identify the benefits and principles of building and sustaining successful teams so that you will be able to use business knowledge, analysis, and strategies efficiently as an active participant on the Acquisition Team.
  • Given a contracting scenario, identify a business solution based upon application of the six-step problem solving model and four other decision-making tools.
  • Given the eleven principles of leadership, identify leadership actions necessary to implement sound business decisions for contracting.
  • Correctly identify the information contained in the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS).
  • Given choices identify the critical need for all parties involved in procurement business to reflect the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior.
  • Given acquisition situations, determine the relationship between the financial and acquisition communities and how fundamental financial principles and requirements are important factors to consider so that you will be able to develop a smart business arrangement.
  • Identify basic laws and legal processes that govern federal contracting so that smart business decisions can be made by an informed workforce.
  • Given acquisition scenarios identify how e-business initiatives facilitate the efficiency of the acquisition process.
  • Given acquisition scenarios identify the requirements of market research in identifying the best business arrangement to meet mission requirements.
  • Given acquisition cases and the customer’s definition of value determine the appropriate business alternative, so the customer’s need is met.
  • Given the contracting process, identify the best business advice to provide to the Acquisition Team to best address the customers’ concerns and mission needs.
  • Given acquisition situations identify the interaction and interdependence of the contractor, the government, and the taxpayer while efficiently managing taxpayers’ dollars and developing smart business arrangements.
  • Given available career resources identify various career opportunities available for contracting professionals.

Course Details

  • Course Length – 5 Days
  • Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) – 32 (DAU)
  • Graded Materials Include: Attendance of all Instructional Hours, Course Exercises, Homework, and Course Exams/Quizzes
  • Pre-course work Required: None


Course ID

CON 100

Course Length

4 Days



Delivery Method

Course is available In-Person and Virtually

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