Project Description


This three-day, instructor-led course effectively addresses the essentials of program management as defined in PMI’s Standard for Program Management. Students experience a hands-on application of core principles through case studies and team exercises. The program management life-cycle process groups, stages and associated themes are addressed through authentic exercises based on the Hands-On approach.

Learning Topics

  • Increase their effectiveness and efficiency as a program manager in achieving the strategic value of a program
  • Follow a systematic approach to managing programs
  • Apply proven tools and techniques to program management
  • Recognize benefits management as the primary responsibility of the program manager
  • Use a standard vocabulary for program management
  • Distinguish between projects, programs and portfolios; and project management, program management and portfolio management
  • Describe the program life cycle and recognize the value of following this approach
  • Learn the critical success factors of program management, maintaining alignment with strategy, managing benefits and stakeholders and executing program governance

Course Details

  •  Course Length – 3 Days
  •  Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) – 24
  •  Graded Materials Include: Case Study Familiarization, In-Class Assignments, and Attendance of all Instructional Hours
  •  SCC offers this course virtually through the following: Adobe Connect, Microsoft Teams, Zoom for Government, WebEx, and Google Meets.
Course ID

A Hands-On Approach to Program Management

Course Length

3 Days



Delivery Method

Course is available In-Person and Virtually

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