COR 222: Contracting Officers Representative Course

Students will receive a breadth of role required knowledge including responsibilities and fundamentals of contracting regulations
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COR 222: Contracting Officers Representative Course

This course is designed for Contracting Officer’s Representatives (CORs) who are responsible for assuring that contractors perform in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract. COR 222 will provide CORs the breadth of knowledge required to perform their role, including knowledge related to COR roles and responsibilities, as well as fundamentals of contracting regulations, types, phases, and other elements; awareness of ethical and legal factors that impact COR responsibilities; and information necessary to effectively evaluate situations, apply knowledge gained, and make correct decisions to carry out COR responsibilities.

Learning Objectives

  • Define and Understand the COR’s Delegation of Authority and Responsibilities
  • Contribute to “cradle to grave” acquisitions: Preaward Planning, Contractor Selection, Performance Monitoring, and Contract Administration
  • Create and Maintain a Plan to Administer Contracts
  • Draft and Maintain contract documents, to include the contract administration file
  • Apply Contracting Terminology and Policies, Rules, and Regulations to “real world” Contracting Scenarios

Course Details

  • Course Length – 5 Days
  • Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) – 40
  • Graded Materials Include: Attendance of all Instructional Hours, Course Exercises, and 1 Course Exam
  • Cost of Course – $1,100.00 per Learner, Minimum of 8 attendees in the National Capital Region, and Minimum of 10 attendees outside of the National Capital Region


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