CON 090: FAR Fundamentals

A four week total immersion into the Federal Acquisition Regulation (Parts 1-53)
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CON 090: Federal Acquisition Regulations Fundamentals

FAR Fundamentals is a four week, resident, foundational course for new hires that provides a total immersion into the Federal Acquisition Regulation (Parts 1-53). The course will prepare the 21st-century acquisition workforce to operate successfully in a web-enabled environment. CON 090 is a limited lecture, research-intensive, exercised-based curriculum. Participants will analyze contracting business scenarios developed through research of the FAR and its supplements. The course is presented in four consecutive modules: Contracting Overview using the FAR and FAR Supplements; Contract Acquisition Planning; Contract Formation; and Contract Management/Administration. Students are expected to become familiar with FAR Parts 1-53. Students will be quizzed daily on FAR part knowledge, lecture/lesson content, and homework. Students should be prepared to dedicate 2-3 hours per evening for homework.

Learning Objectives

  • Receive an Introduction to the Federal Acquisition Regulations, and learn to navigate and Research these Regulations
  • Utilize the Federal Acquisition Regulations to learn how to Perform Cradle-to-Grave Federal Contracting, including Pre-Award, Contract Award, and Administration/Close-Out
  • Learn and Apply policies and procedures for soliciting offers, evaluating bids and offers, conducting exchanges with offerors, awarding contracts, managing protests, and conducting simplified acquisitions
  • Learn and Apply the Processes of administration, the rights of parties when contract performance is unacceptable, applicable payment clauses, contract modifications, contract disputes, terminations, and closeout

Course Details

  • Course Length – 19 Days
  • Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) – 152
  • Graded Materials Include: Pre-Class Assignments, Attendance of all Instructional Hours, Course Exercises, Homework, and Course Exams/Quizzes


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