Project Description

Developing Independent Government Cost Estimate

The purpose of the IGCE is to develop an assessment of the probable cost of services being acquired and to help determine the reasonableness of an offeror’s proposed costs; pursuant to the FAR, and the offeror’s understanding of the work. An IGCE is required for every new acquisition that exceeds the simplified acquisition threshold (SAT). The IGCE is a cost estimate developed by the Government Requiring Activity without contractor influence; based on the requirements of the Performance Work Statement (PWS) or Statement of Work (SOW)

This course outlines the development of the IGCE and assists the learner in the preparation of the IGCE by applying associated methods and general best practices.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the roles and benefits of an IGCE
  • Develop the IGCE narrative
  • Perform market research for an IGCE
  • Describe the IGCE methodologies
  • Define direct costs and labor costs
  • Discuss Labor Mix/Hours
  • Describe burden and unburdened labor
  • Define typical groups of fringe benefits and payroll taxes
  • Identify Other Direct Costs (ODCs) and Materials and Equipment Costs
  • Discuss how to develop travel costs
  • Prepare and develop an IGCE

Course Details

  • Graded Materials Include: Case Studies, Practical Exercises, In-Class Assignments, Group Discussion and Attendance of all Instructional Hours
Course ID

IGCE (3-Day)

Course Length

3 Days



Delivery Method

Course is available In-Person and Virtually

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